WE ARE NIVAPLAST RECICLADOS S.L. we produce PET chips recycled from bottles.

Committed to the environment

We are a young company committed since our founding in 2014 to the social, economic and environmental sustainability of the Guadix region. With a staff of 15 professionals, our key pillar is our human team; and quality, innovation and customer service are our preeminent hallmarks. We are determined to become one of the benchmark companies in recycling in Granada province.


It defines the objective of NIVAPLAST RECICLADOS S.L. in the long term as a company and is the most substantial criterion in the actions and decisions taken to achieve three key targets:

To promote the circular economy in the plastics industry through the appreciation of recycled-bottle PET as the secondary raw material.

To reduce the amount of PET plastic bottle waste being dumped in landfills.

To drive the creation of green jobs in the Guadix region, favouring its economic development and social inclusion.


We seek to become a responsible and efficient benchmark company, to obtain our customers ‘and suppliers’ recognition of our good performance, to be a company that achieves work-life balance. And, above all, to be an environmentally responsible company.

People: to be a good place to work, creating opportunities for green jobs.

Secondary raw material: to offer quality products for a variety of applications.

Partners: to develop a working network to create common and durable value based on sustainable development.

Benefit: to maximize yield for shareholders while taking account of our commitment to sustainable production.

Productivity: to implement a sustainable production that increases the efficiency of resources.

Awareness-raising: to achieve cooperation between the participants in the supply chain, from the producer to the end consumer, and to involve stakeholders by persuading and educating on responsible consumption.

VALUES "We work to achieve a more sustainable world"

Leadership: we strive to give shape to a more sustainable future.

Research and innovation: we view needs and problems as opportunities that allow us to progress, improve and face new challenges. This allows us to continue being perceptive, creative, proactive.

Equality: we guarantee real and effective equal opportunities for female and male workers and avoid any kind of job discrimination within the company between women and men.

Quality: we incorporate methodologies and best practices to extend quality to all aspects of the business and to ensure success and excellence for our customers.